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I am originally from Hungary and am currently a citizen of Finland. I moved to Finland in 2006 and married a wonderful Finnish girl. We have four children, two cats, and chickens in the backyard.

I attended an English school in my home country. After coming to Finland, my first job was as an assistant English teacher at Etelä-Savo Vocational School. I also worked part-time as an assistant in a restaurant. When I moved to the capital region, I worked at ISS as a cleaner until I decided to study. I distributed magazines, worked in a bar, cleaned schools, washed dishes in restaurants, and ran a small business selling digital services during my studies.

I first graduated as a media technology engineer from Metropoli University of Applied Sciences and got a job at Nokia. However, my career there was cut short when Nokia collapsed. On my first day at work, I realized that my department had been closed, and Nokia no longer employed my supervisor. Thousands of experienced engineers lost their jobs at the time, and a newly graduated engineer had next to no chance of finding a job.

I returned to study again and graduated as a plumber. I also started an HVAC engineering degree as an evening study at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. In addition, I completed a few additional degrees such as (basic, professional, and specialized vocational degrees in property maintenance and ventilation, CAD/BIM, humidity coordinator, thermal imager, etc.). However, I was most interested in the field of ventilation. Ventilation reminds me of freedom and life, which are precious and vital. In my opinion, symbolism has its place in career selection as well.

When the company I used to work for as a foreman drifted out of the market, I decided to become an entrepreneur. I wanted to assemble a competent and dedicated group of employees. Without these professionals, my company would never have gotten off the ground. What I like most about my job are sales and marketing. I love people and am genuinely interested in their challenges and how to solve them. Due to my first profession, I can take care of our company's digital needs and marketing, which also gives me joy and energy.

My favorite hobbies are role-playing games, MTG, and fantasy literature. My favorite book is "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss. I love hiking with my family, barbecuing in my backyard, having good wine, and having long conversations.



Tietosalkku is a small publication in Finnish about the rules and regulations in the field of Air Ventilation.



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